Lock Objects

Have you modified lock objects without meaning to while working on a presentation? By locking objects such as shapes, icons, pictures, 3D models, connectors, ink, you can now ensure that there won’t be any mishaps. In order to modify an object, you will have to unlock it first.

How it works

  1. Open PowerPoint for Windows.
  2. To create a presentation, by click New> New blank presentation on the File menu.
  3. To insert an object, click Insert > Shapes and select the shape you want.
  4. To lock the shape you just inserted, right- click it and then click Lock on the shortcut menu, or click the Selection Pane button on the Shape Format menu, and then click the Lock icon to the right of the object name.
  5. To unlock, click the Unlock icon to the right of the object name in the Selection pane.
Lock objects in PowerPoint for Windows demo


Any locked objects saved in versions that support the feature will persist in legacy versions of Office that support those locks.


This feature is rolling out over the next several days to Insiders running Current Channel (Preview) Version 2104 (Build 13905.10000) and later.

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