Microsoft Ignite Splitter – A look back

Microsoft Ignite this year is already finished, and it was a huge event and It was an honor for me to visit it this year in Orlando. However, during the last couple of days on Ignite, I wrote daily a splitter in my Blog, in which I wanted to show this Event through my Eyes and I hope, you enjoyed the way I was writing.

I have just returned from the U.S. a week ago and I would like to write a review of some points, which I have divided into different categories. Please note, this review is about my own impressions I had from the Ignite this year. If you talk to other people, who were in Orlando this week, maybe they have another point of view about the Ignite.

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General organization

Microsoft Ignite by itself was a very well-organized Event from Microsoft. There were everywhere dressed in violet Microsoft employees (or volunteers) who were always friendly and very helpful as much as it was possible. With the Microsoft Event app and all the descriptions, it was very easy to get mostly to the right places in time. There was always enough food in the Morning and at Lunchtime and Fridges all over the convention center with cold drinks to take. Just being at the convention center for a few minutes, it was clear that Microsoft has a lot of experience, how this kind of event has to be organized.

However, there were not only positive moments from a general organization, as a negative example was that at the Lunchtime there where Lunch spots to grab a small lunch. This was a good idea because we could get a pack and continue with the sessions. The problem was that some of the Lunch Points were open and some not, why? made absolutely no sense! If you did not manage it in time, you simply had no lunch, passing by the other Lunch Points you were not allowed to get something. Here Microsoft definitely has to get better.

Another point was also about given away from Microsoft itself: In the Expo, all the companies were giving all kind of goodies away, that was especially interesting for the swag hunters. However, many of my working Colleagues asked me if I can bring something for them FROM Microsoft with me, as I was in the Goods Shop of Microsoft I was (again) negatively surprised about what was for sale and for which prize. I don’t speak here now about Books or Tshirts, I speak about Batch holders, Pens and other kinds of things which should be free given away for free and not like: A Microsoft Pen for 4.95 $.

The last thing I want to write in this chapter is that 35’000 People (this is the number, people were talking about) were too many! I spoke with other visitors who have made other Ignites in the past and we all had the same conclusion, 20’000 till max. 25’000 people are enough to feel comfortable with this Event.

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